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The mission of the Application Development Integration & Management (ADIM) service offering is to architect, design, develop, test, integrate, implement and manage business-critical solutions through use of technology. We offer our clients an outsourcing model to develop better solutions. and deliver fixed-cost/fixed-priced modern solutions. We bring in our highly skilled and adaptable labor forces to the table, who focus in a pinpoint manner based on an enterprise’s internal knowledge map. We have developed new infrastructure ingredients  to support the collaborative projects necessary to deliver complex integrated applications.

We realize that active deliverable schedules and dynamic critical-path analysis of projects will grow in importance as project complexities increases. Our ADIM multi-path methods include:

  • Remote application development

  • Rapid application deployment

  • Separate and distinct paths for mergers and acquisitions

  • Package implementation

  • eBusiness transformation and migration

  • New-age development that includes content building

  • Traditional development

  • Component development and reuse

  • Legacy integration

We offer unique linkages to the premier delivery platforms of Sun Microsystems, Microsoft Corporation, Hewlett-Packard Company, and Cisco Systems, which include reference architectures and reusable components that accelerate successful technology delivery. Our global network of Solution Delivery Centers offer the ability to deliver leading edge technology with speed, quality, and adaptability.

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