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We view Customer relationship management (CRM)  as a customer-focused business strategy designed to optimize profitability, revenue and customer satisfaction. To realize CRM, organizations must implement collaborative enterprise processes and technologies that support customer interactions throughout all channels. The most important strategic asset your customer – and their demands will reshape the business landscape during the 21st century. But while understanding what they want is not easy, satisfying them is even harder. At Narvy Consultants, Inc. we identify both the business and IT imperatives necessary to enable more profitable customer relationships. Our teams not only deal with the technology but also with the strategies and processes that technology enables. Our expert teams offer both strategic insights and actionable implementation plans designed to foster more customer-centric processes, as well as leverage technology and enhance your competitive advantage.

Our core emphasis lays on:

  • Balance the factors of strategy, tactics, processes and technology in deploying customer-centric solutions

  • Understand what has worked at leading-edge CRM companies, and, likewise, identify the pitfalls that many have already fallen into

  • Evaluate the requirements for a CRM architecture, and assess alternatives for developing and integrating CRM applications and technologies.

  • Offer a comprehensive end-to-end strategy and connectivity solutions that enhance your customer relationships and fully integrate front office and back office business operations.

  • Offer expertise in working with leading B2B CRM application suite vendors such as Siebel, SAP, Oracle, Sybase, Microsoft geared towards offering CRM deployment solutions – Opportunity management system (OMS), Sales configuration system (SCS), Partner relationship management (PRM), Interactive selling systems (ISS) , Incentive compensation management, Content management, E-service, Call management, Field service and dispatch (FS/D), Personalization, Data mart/analytical and Campaign management system.

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